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Berkson Globe is a small team of family lawyers, come to us today for the advice you need to hear for tomorrow. We are all either divorce solicitors or specialists in family law.

Sorting out financial and family issues doesn't have to be an uphill struggle. Sensible legal advice from the best family law solicitors, at a time when you feel vulnerable, is our expertise. In fact, it's all we've been doing for decades.

Our Services


Let us guide you through this difficult time and give you calm and effective legal advice on divorce. Emotions are typically running high and you need a solicitor who will deal with the immediate challenges and help make the journey to your new life as smooth as possible. Speak to one of our partners today to get advice from somebody you can trust to help you get it right - so important as you can't go back and do it again.

Financial Matters

The biggest worry most people face during a divorce or separation is about the future. When so much can be at stake - providing for any children, rights to income, capital, property or pension - expert advice is an investment. Even if both of you agree on how things should be split, it's wise to get everything checked over by a solicitor, we have extensive experience in this area and would be pleased to help with any kind of separation agreement.

Collaborative Divorce or Separation

This is another way to try and settle things between you and your partner. Lawyers will be present but you won't have to go to court, potentially saving a lot of money in the long run. So, if you can't come to an agreement but want to avoid the potential acrimony of legal proceedings, speak to us about how this approach could work for you. As solicitors specialising in family law we can help you divorce with dignity.

Children - Residency & Contact

It's always best for parents to agree arrangements without going to court. In fact, English courts do not award custody to either parent any more, but many parents find it helpful to have a formal agreement regarding the care of any children. Let us prepare you for discussions with your Ex through to advising on how the court process could help settle matters if required.

Taking Children Abroad & Child Abduction

If the other parent doesn't agree to you taking your child to live abroad or even for an extended holiday, you need to be very careful to avoid breaking the law. If your child's other parent does agree we still advise documentation to this effect. We have many years experience in this area of the law and can give you the right advice straight away, including what to do when you believe your child has been abducted.

Domestic Violence & Abusive Relationships

Of all the areas we work in, seeing a child, spouse or partner who is in an abusive relationship is the most challenging for all concerned. We know how difficult it can be to make the first move to get out of your situation. Where everything is tied up with the children and with finances you may feel you are stuck. The solicitors at Berkson Globe have helped many women, children and also men, start a new life.

Civil Partnerships & Co-habitation

When getting together or splitting up your rights will depend on wide-ranging factors. Every situation is different, and sound legal advice can help you plan for the future or reach a solution when things break down. Our solicitors will match their expertise to your specific needs and explain the legalities in plain English. Whatever the nature of your situation let us answer your complex family law questions.


Grandparents have recently acquired new rights to contact with their grandchildren. We can advise if this is relevant to you and ensure that the children are put at the centre of all decisions. We are experts at resolving disputes amicably and on the off chance you have to go to court you won't find anybody more experienced than the solicitors at Berkson Globe to help you.


Young children, step parents, guardians, grandparents and others can all be affected and may not agree with a proposed adoption. Even if everyone agrees, court forms can be challenging to get right and a judge may want to see you. On the other hand one of the parents, or the Local Authority, may force the matter into court. Our firm has very many years of experience in adoption matters and can give you advice that is second to none.

Pre-nuptial agreements

As the law evolves, an agreement prior to marriage is increasingly advisable. Such an agreement can bring peace of mind in the long run and can also be a good way of setting out how finances will be managed during a relationship. Speak to a specialist in this field to find out more.

Meet The Team

  • Adele

    Adele Schofield


    An experienced divorce and family solicitor, Adele's expertise is also collaborative law. She is a member of Resolution which promotes a non-confrontational approach to family problems. She will encourage a solution that considers the needs of the whole family. At this very difficult time Adele will provide the emotional and practical support you need and you will find her firm but fair approach helps to move your situation along. An increasing number of couples are taking this route with their divorces.

  • Valerie

    Valerie Limont


    Valerie Limont is widely renowned for her handling of children and family matters, ranging from an interest in grandparents rights to helping people who are at a loss or scared in their current family situation. With experience that is second to none, Valerie's career in this area spans more than 20 years. In fact, we are one of a very small number of family law firms in the country that has solicitors that practice solely in children and family law.

  • Clare

    Clare Lamb


    Clare Lamb has more than a decade of experience in divorce and family law and has developed a strong interest in helping parents and children through care or adoption proceedings. As a member of the Law Society's Children Panel Clare can handle the complexities of a private adoption, and also has extensive experience of cases where the Local Authority may be involved.

  • Hannah

    Hannah Malone

    Divorce & Family Paralegal

    Hannah Malone will support the divorce and family lawyers in the day-to-day handling of your family matter or divorce.

    Hannah is experienced across all the areas of family law Berkson Globe practices in and is on hand to prioritise matters should a critical situation arise. Hannah also handles straightforward divorce and court applications where matters may have been agreed but you'd feel more secure with a formal agreement or a court order that you and your ex-partner have agreed to in advance.

  • Charles

    Charles Peter

    Private Client Partner

    Dealing exclusively with high net worth divorces, separation and the ensuing issues, Charles brings more than twenty five years of legal experience. He will rapidly help you bring sense to your concerns regarding assets, pensions and business interests. Charles can give advice at the outset or ending of any relationship.

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There are a very small number of specialist family solicitors in Liverpool, of which we are one. Our office is located conveniently on Stanley Street just a two minute walk from the Family Court.

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